guided mindfulness audio exercises

The disc that comes with Mindfulness for Two includes more than three hours of guided mindfulness meditations in MP3 audio, narrated by Kelly Wilson. Included are the the Sweet Spot and Client Descending exercises and a script for the Experimental Role Plays described in the book.  


The Sweet Spot

...think about some sweet spot. It doesn’t have to be like mine. It can be some thing very simple. But think about something specific—a specific instance of something sweet. It could be like your first cup of coffee in the morning, on Sunday morning, when you lay out the paper and take that first sip. Or it could be anything—like watching a sunset or paddling a kayak. Sometimes when you’re watching your kids as they play, there are these times when they completely don’t see you watching them, and you really see them. I would like to invite you to encounter that sweet moment...